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A Logo generally is a graphic mark or symbol representing a commercial company organizations and even an individual for a public recognition. Some common types of Logo are:- a.) Symbol b.) Word Mark c.) Letter Mark d.) Combination Mark e.) Emblem A key reason to create a business logo is to start the process of building a brand image. Visual images go along with your company name and slogan in helping to create a memorable impact with target audiences. The key is to consistently apply your logo across all promotions. Many companies include logos on business cards, letterhead and websites, in addition to all print ads. Ultimately, you want customers to connect your logo to your business and its values.The use of a logo is every company and organization that wishes to show them different from others. A small retailer to a very large company into at a level of oil rig digging requires a logo for their company representation in the market.As well as with reference to usage, a logo has ample business usages and outputs for their benefits .

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